Monday, February 23, 2015

Better Mirror Hang Tags for Better on Site Promotion!

Mirror hang tags provide a convenient way for auto dealers to highlight special discounts and sales on particular vehicles. They can also save time by identifying cars that have already been sold. Additionally, some service centers promote maintenance offers by hanging tags on customers' rear-view mirrors. Although this seems like a simple paper product, it's vital to choose the right supplier.


The best mirror hang tags consist of heavy-duty paper. Its weight prevents them from curling up and becoming difficult to read. People can handle thick paper more easily as well. Superior products also feature sharp text that contrasts well with tag colors. Large dimensions maximize visibility and provide salespeople with abundant writing space.


To save time and attract more attention, auto dealers need access to a wide range of mirror hang tags. Customers will look at more cars if the tag colors and styles vary. Furthermore, employees don't need to write as many words when they have multiple preprinted options. Some suppliers print phrases like "per month" or "financing available" on each tag.

Park Place Printing offers top-notch mirror hang tags in several appealing colors and sizes. Our company can provide dealerships with blank, preprinted or custom promotional materials. We also sell various holiday and seasonal items. Our friendly staff strives to print and supply these products as quickly as possible, so you'll be ready for the next big sale. Please call 888-602-3123 or 732-529-6216 to get started.

Monday, February 9, 2015

High Quality Oil Change Stickers that Won’t Peel Off and that will Bring Customers Back.

The car dealership industry is certainly competitive, and every advantage helps. One simple and effective way to encourage repeat business is to give out oil change stickers. When people attach your stickers to their vehicles, your dealership might enter their minds whenever they think about oil. Therefore, they'll be more likely to return to you for future oil changes and for other services as well.

Of course, oil change stickers aren't just useful for branding and advertising. As you know, if a person doesn't get his or her oil changed about once every three months or 3,000 miles, it can lead to dirty oil and eventually to engine damage and failure. Plus, given the hectic schedules that many people have these days; it's all too easy to forget about this procedure until it's too late. Therefore, oil change stickers provide much-needed reminders, and many customers truly appreciate them.

Not all oil change stickers are ideal, however. Rather, you should look for stickers that are attractive, customizable, easy to write on, and easy to read. The adhesive is particularly important. Obviously, you'll want products that won't keep peeling or falling off. At the same time, your customers should be able to remove your stickers by hand with ease, and there shouldn't be any residue afterwards.