Monday, April 3, 2017

How Dealer Decals Help Promote Brand Awareness

One of the best tools in a business owner's marketing toolbox is creating brand awareness in a subtle but effective way. While a catchy jingle or a bright and loud commercial may help create brand awareness, they’re expensive and intrusive to many a consumer. This is one reason many auto sales organizations use dealer decals to promote their brands in an unobtrusive manner.
Here are a few reasons dealer decals help car dealerships promote their businesses.

Help with Sales

Polished and professional car dealership decals give potential buyers a subtle signal that they are working with experts. Whether on a storefront window or on a vehicle, decals inspire confidence in customers. Decals are also a great way to direct customers to different departments within your organization. Craft a decal for sales and a different one for repairs and another for financing and help your customers navigate throughout your shop.

Create Brand Awareness

Car dealers have a great advantage in that they can use decals on items that move far and wide. A well-placed promotional decal on cars for sale puts your brand in front of drivers all across the region. Many times after a sale is made, new car owners never remove your professional decal from their rides. This can provide years of brand promotion at a very reasonable cost.

Temporary Promotions

Many graphic decal companies will provide custom designs for no additional charge. So if you want to promote a limited-time offer on the windows of your dealership. These full-color displays can draw a crowd and create a consistent message on-site for a special offer or promotion. They’re easily changeable so these decals are a great way to promote a temporary service, event, or sale.

Cost Effective

Customizable dealer graphics are a cost-effective solution for advertising your business and promoting your brand. Car dealer printing supplies are an affordable marketing tool.
From temporary promotions to vehicle decals, dealership printing services are subtle and effective tools in a business’s marketing toolbox. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

4 Tips When Choosing a Printer for Your Dealership

Selling cars involves more than the perfect sales pitch. You need determination, competitive pricing, and the right customized supplies. Whether you are shopping for business cards, mug cozies, or other custom products, it’s important to find the right supplier for the job. Find the right company to handle all of your custom car dealership supplies needs by considering the following tips.

  • ·         Price. As with most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to printing customized products. While price shouldn’t determine the supplier that you choose, it’s still an important thing to consider. Before beginning your search, know what your budget is. Compare prices among various printers to determine which company offers the best product for the best price.
  • ·         Customer service. When designing custom products and supplies, you need a printer who is willing to work with you. Whether you already have a design in mind or you need help creating your perfect pamphlet, choose a company that offers impeccable customer service. It’s also important to choose a printer who stands by their work and is willing to correct mistakes as needed.
  • ·         Quality. What good is a custom product if it’s poor quality? Your printed goods represent your dealership. Make sure that your chosen printer only uses top-notch materials. It’s also important that they pack, label, and ship each of your purchased products correctly. If you’re current printer isn’t meeting the mark, it’s time to find a company that will.
  • ·         Reliability. There may be certain products that you need to have on auto-ship. The right printer knows when these shipments need to be sent to ensure that you never reach the end of your inventory. Pro-activity and reliability will help to keep your business flowing easily and builds trust between you and your printer.
No matter the type of car dealer printing supplies you need, it’s important to find a trustworthy company to handle the job. Follow these tips to narrow down the search and locate the right printer to supply your products.