Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Easy and Effective Promotional Items

Proper dealership promotion includes using all types of supplies. One of the most durable and easy to use supplies would be car flags. Car flags cannot only withstand harsh winds without tearing, but they are designed to be installed quickly, removed easily, and eye catching more than other supplies of equal size.

With car flags, you can convey all types of messages that are difficult with balloons with greater ease than with giant banners. A paddle flag gives you the opportunity to make a vehicle stand out without using large promotional supplies. It also gives you the change to deliver a message to potential buyers that looks a lot cleaner than using markers.

Paddle flags are available with a variety of sayings that can work great for virtually any dealership. From advertising car makes to your financing options, a sale or how good the automobile is on gas, paddle car flags give you the chance to aesthetically market an individual automobile with ease.

If you don’t currently have car flags in your advertisement arsenal; then what are you waiting for? The effectiveness of these tools is much greater than you may think! With the right usage, you can easily add these paddle flags to your regular rotation of advertising material and enhance your lot for very little.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Being Smart with Promotional Supplies

As we’ve discussed before, it’s easy for the head of promotions to go overboard when it comes to promotional supplies. If you have flags on every car, balloons everywhere, 3 inflatable flying men, and a banner on everything with an engine, it’s going to be sensory overload and potential customers may not be directed to the items you want them to be.

If you plan on using different auto dealer supplies for promotional purposes, come up with some sort of categorization system. Balloons, for instance, can promote financing deals and flags can promote seasonal sales. Make it very obvious to your customers what promotional tools represent each promotion.

This strategy can come in handy when targeting different types of customers or differentiating deals when multiple sales are occurring.

Visual merchandising is very important when it comes to the success of your dealership, using auto dealer supplies properly and effectively is all a part of quality merchandising and advertising. If you think you are over using a particular supply, you probably are.

Get a second option from one of your employees before finalizing the promotional setup. Remember, using all the auto dealer supplies we offer if good, but using them the right way, with the proper frequency and the appropriate placement; you can have an effective advertising strategy that not only gets people through the door, but to the car of their dreams.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fly Your Flags!

Promotional flags don’t need wind to make an impact on your business. There are so many different types of flags that you can make use of them indoors, outdoors, on cars or on your building. The unique shape and characteristics of flags make them a natural eye attraction, giving you the opportunity to pitch a sale, car wash, or other type of deal quickly and effectively.

With so many different types and styles of promotional flags, it can be hard to pick out certain ones. Here are some tips on finding the right flags.

Vary colors – you can still stay consistent with your branding if you choose colors other than the ones that appear in your logo. Pick colors that will stand out against the fa├žade of your building to gather attention.

Get seasonal! – Make sure you have some American flags, holiday flags and other seasonal standards regardless of your sales.

Pick and choose – It’s possible to over-do it when it comes to any type of promotional material. Whether it’s flags or balloons, optimal placement and proper usage is most important. If you are using car flags as your primary form of promotion for your best deals, use them selectively so potential buys can easily pick out what cars are being offered as a part of the sale.

Promotional flags are an easy way to get eyes on your business. Whether they are small paddle flags or larger feather flags, proper usage of promotional flags can be a catalyst to your growing business!