Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Start Planning for the Holidays with Automotive Dealer Supplies

Automotive Dealer Supplies | ParkPlacePrinting.net
The Holidays only a mere 4 months away, which means it’s time to start planning for your big seasonal sales. Any car dealership knows that this is a great time to make big sales! Instead of scrambling for special items at the last minute, Park Place Printing & Promotional Products, LLC, has the supplies you need to help you make those big sales. Take a look at some of the great items we have in stock:

  • Holiday Bucko Banners – You can put a Holiday message on your vehicles while keeping the interior cool with these banners. These banners come in 9 different styles that feature Santa, Christmas trees, and snowmen.
  •  Car Bows – Make that Christmas gift even better for your customers when you invest in car bows for your vehicles. We have red velvet options, as well as shiny bows in a variety of colors.
  • Holiday Swooper Flags – Let everyone who passes by your business know that you are having a big Christmas sale with these festive flags. Options include snowman, ornament, penguin, and Santa Claus.

Whether you are preparing for the Holiday season or just looking for other automotive dealer supplies, you can rest assured that the team at Park Place Printing & Promotional Products, LLC, can help you. We sell a wide array of supplies that are perfect for your dealership.