Friday, August 26, 2016

Building an Office for Your Dealership

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Whether you are starting a new dealership or are interested in redoing your current office, building the perfect office is very important. Your office is going to be the place where you are your customers seal the deal on the sale, so you want to make sure they are happy and comfortable while taking care of the final details. Make sure that you have the following items on hand:

  • Comfortable Office Furniture – It takes a bit of time to draw up the paperwork for a car sale, so you want to make sure that your customers have chairs that are comfortable. Additionally, having a comfortable place to sit allows your salespeople to stay focused while doing their job.
  • A Nice Lounge with Amenities – When your customers have to wait, you want to make sure they are waiting in a lounge that is comfortable and has a nice ambience. Some dealerships invest in comfy couches and large televisions, while others choose popcorn poppers and coffee dispensers.
  • Office Forms – Having all the office forms you need on hand at all times keeps things moving in the right direction. From vehicle appraisal books and general journal vouchers to receipts and odometer disclosure statements, our business has the selections you need.

From office forms to service department selections, and everything in between, Park Place Printing & Promotional Products, LLC, has the car dealer supplies for your needs.