Friday, September 30, 2016

Secrets to a Successful Dealership Showroom

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Making sure that your car dealership showroom is arranged for optimal viewing is very important. When your showroom looks great and feels comfortable for your customers, you are more likely to make a sale! Take a look at some of these important factors when laying out your showroom:

  • First Impressions are Everything – When your customers step into your showroom, they should see something that gives them pause. Make sure that some of your best vehicles are up front and do not hesitate to create unique seasonal displays around them.
  • Introduce Yourself – Making sure that your sales managers speak to your customers is very important. They don’t have to go into the hard sale right away, they just need to say hello and let them know that they are available to help!
  • Offer Showroom Incentives – Giving the customers something for visiting your showroom is a great way to attract new customers. Whether you can give away tickets to an event or are able to offer refreshments, you are welcoming these potential buyers to come in instead of wander around your lot.

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